For Sale!

Get this high value domain to sell products in the wedding niche.

There are a number of different vendors you could affiliate with, or create your own brand or line of products.

Keyword options:

  • wedding favors – Monthly Search Volume: 110,000
  • wedding favors cheapĀ  – Monthly Search Volume: 12,100
  • personalized wedding favors – Monthly Search Volume: 8,100
  • unique wedding favors – Monthly Search Volume: 5,400
  • wedding favor ideas – Monthly Search Volume: 40,500

Buildout or monetization ideas:

  • Shopify store (or other ecommerce platform)
  • Create a brand
  • Affiliate website offering reviews and options from top affiliate programs.

Different affiliate programs available:

  • Etsy affiliate program
  • Amazon affiliate program

If this domain does not sell, we will likely be building out based on one of the above selections in the near future.